alexander tucker

Old Fogs and Luminous Beings

I hold my love in my arms

Cant express how much I love this psychedelic masterpiece. My art teacher turned me on to this when I was 14 and it completely changed my life. All love to Tim Smith.


IMBOGODOM 2 coming soon

The  2nd IMBOGODOM album has been whispered to appear early next year. Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban return with more tape experiments and warped song smithery.

Alexander Tucker presents Dorwytch Cycle at SuperSonic Festival

                                                                                             Alexander Tucker will be playing Supersonic Festival 21-23 October 2011. Expect Fog, Yeti beings, glowing eyes ,mind-bending electronics and astral projections .

Grumbling Fur Teleports in !

                                                                                                                                                              Finally the Fur has arrived. Recorded back in 2008 with Daniel O Sullivan (Aethanor,Guapo), Jussi Lehtisahlo (Circle), David Smith(Guapo), Antti Usamaki (producer extraordinaire) and Mr Tucker. Out on the excellent Aurora Borealis. The Psych landscapes unfold, sonic grooves blister and hairy beings grumble. Six panel cd artwork by Mr.Tucker. The vinyl edition with be with us shortly.

Rock off !

Grumbling Fur T-shirts freshly cured

New Grumbling Fur T-shirt with ink drawing by Mr. Tucker available from the Aurora Borealis website.